Do you have the age old problem of not enough time in the day? Everyone seems to have this problem, at least to some extent. But did you know there are actually some very practical solutions for this problem? Stay tuned because these are some VERY BIG answers. Use a Day Planner. Using a day planner allows you to keep track of all of your commitments and responsibilities in one place. Don’t take chances with your information being scattered about. Keep it all in one place so you don’t forget. Plan your week on Sunday. Having a plan for the week before it ever startsRead More →

Who does the dishes at your house??? Did you even know this could be a problem before you got married? If you did, good for you! I definitely did not. I just never thought about it. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my wife did not intend to do all the dishes by herself all the days of our marriage! Of course, now it makes sense. But I thought we would divide our duties and that would be that. Now, however, I know real life happens, and sometimes, each of us needs help with our responsibilities. Here’s how we discovered the problem: My wifeRead More →