Help! There’s Never Enough Time in the Day!

Do you have the age old problem of not enough time in the day? Everyone seems to have this problem, at least to some extent. But did you know there are actually some very practical solutions for this problem? Stay tuned because these are some VERY BIG answers.

  1. Use a Day Planner. Using a day planner allows you to keep track of all of your commitments and responsibilities in one place. Don’t take chances with your information being scattered about. Keep it all in one place so you don’t forget.
  2. Plan your week on Sunday. Having a plan for the week before it ever starts makes all the difference in the world. You will know what to expect each day when you wake up, and surprises will be minimal. Planning your week in advance keeps you in charge of your schedule instead of your schedule controlling you.
  3. Plan and prep meals in advance. When you know in advance what you will be eating each day of the week, you will eat out less. You will also go to the grocery store less often because planning meals in advance allows you to plan your grocery list according to what you need rather than just guessing at what you will eat.
  4. Reward yourself for the dreaded tasks on your to-do list. This helps reduce procrastination because you know there will be a reward once you finish a dreaded task.
  5. Set a timer. Racing against a timer to accomplish tasks will help you work faster and stay focused when you are working.
  6. Reduce Distractions. Turn your phone off an hour before your bedtime each night, and don’t turn it on until you are finished with your morning routine. This way, text messages, e-mails, and social media will not be vying for your attention when you need to be focusing on other things.  Speaking of distractions, why not leverage your time by paying for a few more hours of childcare while you complete a few tasks around the house or catch up on some work–distraction free!  We double down on this particular area by taking our kids to a top notch preschool in Indianapolis–ABC’s & 123’s Learning Centers, because they do much more than just provide daycare for your kids.

Do you have more time management and productivity tips? Let us know!